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If you are interested in our MAM, please feel free to open an account at with the following steps:
1) Signup
2) Fill out the personal data in the form
3) Confirm your email as directed by Pepperstone
4) Fill the data completely
5) Select platform: mt4
6) Fill account type: managed account
7) Token: 1994891495783355
8) Leverage 1: 500, currency: usd
9) Click intermediate
10) The contents of refered code: 860111
11) Click all legal documents
12) Upload 2 pieces of your id according to the rules applicable.
13) Deposit is $ 200 (minimum) or multiples of $ 200 (400, 1000, 2000, ...)
14) Profit sharing 30:70
15) No internal transfer or withdraw when MAM is running, if you want to stop being a member of MAM, contact via telegram @Yulbrin

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